The Salazar Foundation

The Salazar Foundation is a non-profit entity supported by Salazar Resources Ltd, and private donors, including Fredy Salazar, and it will build on the initiatives that Salazar Resources has introduced during the course of its Community and Social Relations (“CSR”) programmes in the thirteen years since its creation.

The vision and inspiration for the Salazar Foundation stems from Fredy Salazar’s deep desire to create lasting benefits for communities impacted by resource operations. Fredy has had the unique experience of working in Ecuador for over thirty-five years and he has lived among the communities and the people that face challenges in the pursuit of economic stability and independence. From the very start of his journey as an exploration geologist and environmental scientist in Ecuador he has seen the potential for resource development to be a powerful catalyst for true sustainable development.

Karina Morales Herrera is the Executive Director of the Salazar Foundation. Ms. Morales is a sustainable development professional with 20 years of experience in responsible development, working at the interface between local communities, government, small rural producers, and large international companies. She brings a proven track record in Business and Sustainable Development to the Salazar Foundation, and a passion for using local economic development tools to strengthen communities and suppliers of companies.

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