Quality Assurance (QA) consists of evidence to demonstrate that assay results have both precision and accuracy within generally accepted limits for the sampling and analytical method(s) used and therefore provide confidence in the support data used in a resource estimate.

Quality control (QC) consists of procedures used to ensure that an adequate level of quality is maintained in the process of collecting, preparing, and assaying the exploration drilling samples. In general QA/QC programs are designed to prevent or detect contamination and allow analytical precision, repeatability, and accuracy to be quantified. The Salazar QA/QC program includes the submission of certified reference materials (CRM’s), control blanks, and duplicate pulp samples to an independent laboratory. One CRM is inserted for every 10 to 15 samples and one blank is inserted for approximately every 30 samples. Salazar does not submit any core duplicates.

Salazar requests re-analysis of every sample with assays higher than 5 g/t Au, 5% Cu, or 5% Zn. A pulp of every tenth sample is sent to an alternate laboratory for check analysis. Roscoe Postle associates Inc reviewed the Salazar QA/QC results and collected ten independent samples for analyses.