Los Osos

Los Osos is a 229 hectare, single concession, exploration licence well located in the Cerro Pelado-Cangrejos mineral district within El Oro State (Gold State) in southwest Ecuador. The licence is held 100% by Salazar Resources and hosts a system of veins rich in gold and silver, combined with hydrothermal breccias and mineralised gold-copper porphyries. Several quartz-tourmaline breccias mineralised with chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite are present on the property.

Under previous tenure, the area has been mapped, sampled, and subject to airborne geophysical surveys (magnetic and radiometrics). Artisanal miners have historically worked some of the veins, and small scale mining has been active on Los Osos and the adjacent properties for over fifteen years. Salazar Resources is currently evaluating drill targets on the property